Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh, look! An RL update!

Yes, because finally Monday came and the world outside my window called for my attention again. For good, apparently.

I and a classmate went to school for an interview with Mr. Adamos, head of the Human Resource Department of the Lyceum of the Philippines University. We're not actually ready for any sort of interview today; we thought we'll just pass our resumé and that's it. It's for the internship in Manila Bulletin. We're halfhearted about the whole thing because from the start we planned to have OJT in Pulp Magazine (who said they'd call us this week, after I sort of bombarded them with "follow-up" emails before the end of the semester). After what happened today, though, I think I'd enjoy staying here as well.

"Are you ready? You got your resumé with you? Your personality with you?" Prof. Ren quipped as we enter the Human Resource office. "I think I left my personality at home," I joked a tad nervously, because just like what I said I was not quite prepared. In a couple of minutes we found ourselves seated in front of Mr.Adamos himself.

He checked our information, asked my classmate a few questions, joked a lot (and so my jitters were gone). Then he turned to me. He looked at my data and asked, "How old are you?"

"Eighteen," I said curtly. He squinted and said, "Are you sure you're not fifteen?" And after short bursts of laughter, we're totally comfortable with each other. It's no formal interview. He guessed our zodiac signs, even asked if we had boyfriends in the past (which began when he questioned if I've been a scholar ever since. I said I lost it in one term, and he concluded that must be the time I focused my attention to my beau. Oh, really...). There were a few serious questions about our OJT and course, and after that, he began to refer to me as "writer" and to Debbie as...I forgot actually, but he's connecting her to media productions and photography. *shrugs*

I included a poetry writing contest data in my resumé and mayhap because of that he started using poetic words when talking to us. "Well, your smile's egging me to use poetic words," he said in jest. "You look so happy as if you want to pirouette." Uh.....seriously. The office was filled with more quips and chuckles.When we're finished, he told us to drop by sometime.

By three o'clock he sent us to Manila Bulletin. I and Debbie argued a bit with a (gay?) guard on the first floor and it was ended when we saw Miss Bernadette Cunanan herself, talking to some visitors from the Indian Embassy. She told us to wait upstairs at the Editorial waiting area, saying she would tour the visitors first.

We went upstairs. There's a meeting in the waiting room so we were instructed to just wait outside. For almost an hour we just stood there, facing a wall with posters of bougainvilla blossoms. I walked a bit, stared up at paintings scattered across the hallway, went back to my position next to Debbie if I got bored, sat cross-legged like a Turk on the floor, snatched an employee's copy of Manila Bulletin, read and yawn. And I was still bored. Four o'clock, and the meeting was adjourned. We went inside the editorial waiting room where I instantly fell asleep. I was only yanked out of dreamland when Debbie shoved some chocolates to my face (yummy sweets, thank you!). It was almost five when Miss Bernadette showed up.

She apologized about making us wait and lead us to her office. It was nice and cozy there, though a little too cold (but then again I'm always cold). Newspaper clippings, pictures of politicians, celebrities, and loved ones were posted on the walls. There was also a solar system and constellation poster above the hodgepodge of photographs, pasted alongside with Barbie Atienza's campaign poster. I spied a hardbound copy of Beowulf Script by Neil Gaiman on her shelf. I smiled.

So we talked. There was a Beauty Queen aura lingering about her, but then again maybe it was because of the height and the posture. She was the Public Relations Manager of Manila Bulletin. She asked us what we want to learn about the media industry and promised she would walk us through the field and show us what it was like to be a real media practitioner. The next convo was more of a chitchat, actually. She showed us her favorite collection in her office---clippings of errata from their own newspaper. It was really amusing. All of those were pinned up on the wall above her desk, and the errors were lined with green highlight. There was a picture of former President Cory Aquino's funeral, and the caption said it was President Gloria Arroyo's. She said the most ridiculous one was the page where the captions for a foreigner forum speaker and a dinosaur from an amusement park were switched.

She told us some stories of her own about being a journalist, and upon watching my reactions about them, she said I'd enjoy them. I know I would. :)

Soon I told her about our application in Pulp Magazine. She nodded in understanding and handed us business cards, suggesting we wait for Pulp's call first so she could arrange our schedule. It was apparently in favor of us---Summer Slam's approaching, and we feared we would start our MB internship right away. Goody.

We bade farewell happily. Before going home, I passed by the school's SAO for our camera club. The officer in charge of the organizations stuff had already gone and so I would go back to school tomorrow.

And there ends my RL update. There's more to come of course, but for the mean time I'll just go back to Smoke and Mirrors and write another review for it. :P

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