Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gaimaniac Summer

My “critic spirit” is alive tonight, but my flailing fangirl heart is too hyperactive at the moment to make any logical comment on my previous reads. Perhaps I’ll let this momentary ‘squeeeeing’ phase subside before I review the story “Changes” from Smoke and Mirrors. What’s the reason behind this? Here:


Yes, another book about the Rock star of the Literary World himself, Neil Gaiman (and yeah you go, what’s new?)!

It is a truth universally acknowledged (lol sorry I’m missing Austen’s classics lately so let me just borrow this line) that when a creature called Airiz finds herself in any establishment that has a bookstore in it, it is expected that she will be magnetized in that very store, then to the very shelves where items from her to-read list are placed, then to the very book she’s targeting on buying. But she deems that serendipity will always be better—she believes that “my books often find me, not the other way around”—and so she stumbled upon this tome, and in an instant her purse’s drained. Again.

Being a Gaimaniac is sometimes very expensive but it’s always worth it. Speaking from experience here.

After getting my grades and enrolling the practicum subject this afternoon, I and mama went straight to SM Manila to grab a snack. Mama wasn’t surprised when I sauntered to National Bookstore after eating. I sought for the SF shelves, found the next book in my list—Fragile Things—and then saw sitting next to it this mighty volume called Prince of Stories: the Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman. It’s the last paperback edition, and the blurb at the back indicates it is some kind of an encyclopedia about Gaiman. No second thoughts: Fragile Things can wait.

I love that my summer vacation’s being Gaiman-ridden. Bookworming and living temporarily in the worlds of this genius is, I think, the most productive thing I can do to kill time. I learn a lot, writing-wise and as an ordinary reader.


Next books on list are Fragile Things, Anansi Boys, Neverwhere, and Stardust. The Sandman graphic novels are gone from where I think I saw them in the bookstore. :( Coraline's borrowed by a friend.

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