Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vacay! :)

And the summer officially commences for us! Yes! Today's the first day of vacation for the A306 block, and a week or two from now we'll enroll as fourth year students. It's really kind of funny how I always blurt out how fast everything goes--that's always the case--but...it does surprise me. It feels as if it's only yesterday when I started dreaming of becoming a writer (and yeah, I know I sounded like a cliche, but I think you really won't mind if that's the exact thing you're feeling right now. Take it from me.)

This semester has been eventful. For the Humanities class, our goofy, 22-year-old professor Jet dela Cruz taught us arts the way we weren't taught in high school. We painted, we sculpted, we danced and sang (surprisingly "well", according to him), we met a Chinese national artist through him--and enjoyed all of it. He does pick on me from time to time but it's fun. XD

For Economics we have Professor Nadine Poquiz, who we easily became friends with. She did all sorts of things that qualified her as a member of a teenage barkada: from recommending diet supplements to chitchatting about how my 'crush' is actually a gay and just had a nose lift/repair/whatever...she's all done it. :D We're going to miss her class and the quizzes in group reports that we've answered even before the questions are showed to us.

Sir Guillermo Santos for newspaper management. Nothing so much to say about him--he's still the same ol' guy who's seemingly got tomes of encyclopedia crammed in his head. It's amazing how he remembers all of those information despite his age. Seriously. XD As for newspaper lay-outing, we have Sir Vic Soriano. Strict one. We managed to make our very first newspaper, The Harbinger, in his class.

Front page of The Harbinger

Sir D (Sir Dindo Danganan) came back as out professor in business and economics writing. Still the same as the last time we were under him. I find him amusing at times, but somehow I felt a little sad for him. I don't know. It's not so nice to live alone. :( Anyway, for PR principles we have Miss Jasmin De Jesus. Learned a lot about public relations even if she's almost always absent every other week (peace out!). And I made my own advocacy campaign (PR plan) .......overnight. Man. :/ At least I did it.

TINIG NG KABATAAN: my advocacy campaign a la Ako ang Simula

And in accomplishing acads-related tasks, I do always procrastinate. I think it's my favorite hobby now...lol, what I do to kill time (even if I haven't got much) is quite stress-relieving. Doodling on the night before a final exam proved that to me. XD


Bye, third year! Hello, our last year in uni. :D It's still quite a long time, but it's still the last chapter of our lives as students. With this little gap we called the summer vacation (which will not be long, since we're going to have our ojt's), we  will celebrate and at the same time get ourselves ready for more challenges that await us as senior journalists-in-training. :)

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