Saturday, May 30, 2009

Of Doodles and Banters

Last night, my banter with my younger sister Aila ended up in a little drawing battle. She knew that the odds are not in her favor (especially in terms of the drawing quality) but she went on with it anyway, knowing that she has the upper hand when it comes to creating the most offending barb. It all started when I commented on her head being too heavy and big for her body (it’s a random observation that I thought I only said in my mind). In return, she retorted that my head is too small for my body, and that I’m a fat, heavy balloon that can float anytime. The repartee went on, each half-cackled, half-said phrase punctuated with an occasional playful slap on the leg or arm. When our eyes landed on a box of oil pastels, the real fight began (much to our mother’s ire, because our voices overlap the TV’s volume, tuned in to the latest news about Hayden Kho).
I made my ‘contest piece’ in caricature style, just perfect for her too-big head. The black pastel wasn’t in the box anymore, so I used the darkest color left, blue, for her hair. Aila had put some pink highlights on her head some weeks ago (it’s not so much of a hairdon’t, really, since they appear redder) so I scribbled some reddish-brown color on it. Oversized toes and fingers, wide mouth and pig-nose, minus the underwear—voila! It’s Aila’s perfect portrait!!!!

My ‘portrait’ that she drew—her masterpiece, as she called it—was a bit rushed because she was hurrying to see the grand finals of our community’s amateur contest already starting at that time. The dominating figure on her figure was a large circle with few contours on it to show some body parts. She put on some chicken legs and sausage-like arms, one hand (according to her) curled up ‘punk-style’ (commonly called, ‘demon horns’). Added with a swish of a ponytail, a half-moon mouth and slits as eyes, and my picture was finished. She wrote ‘BUTSEKO’ at the top, a messed-up version of my nickname ‘Butchick’; below, she wrote ‘Lipad na!’.

Like every contest that we engaged in, neither won. What else was there to expect when the judges were us ourselves?! *facepalms*

She immediately tore out of the house after that, and our refrigerator door was now embellished/marred (it depends on the looker) by the two pictures. I’m actually waiting for father to come home and comment on them, teehee.

Maybe it was just me…but the event made something in me stung. I mean, it’s been a long time since I last touched those oil pastels—or any art material at that. It’s like…meeting an old friend (?). All summer, I’ve been constantly sitting in front of the laptop, making a hermit of myself on ‘The Pit’, updating and proofreading fanfics. Maybe it’s this ‘little artist’ in me that tugged at my heartstrings. I love drawing and painting as much as I love making stories and poems. I know I’ll get back to them someday…when I’m not busy anymore, or when I get the vibe. :)

(PS: Tinamaan na ata ako ng AH1N1 virus! *sniff* I have flu……)